Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Joe's Great Idea

Joe Huffman has a great idea.
Anti-gun people should vote against Hillary to keep guns out of the hands of the American people.
I like the idea, and it has basic logical roots.  Hillary is staunchly anti-gun, and Obama has proven to be the greatest gun salesman in the history of the United States.  Really, every time he opens his pie-hole to talk about guns, sales spike.

 Obama has sold lots of guns, as the 4473 records attest.  If Hillary is elected, and opens her pie-hole, sales will spike again, probably setting more records.  The logic is clear.  Anti-gun people should vote against Hillary.

This all makes sense after my second whiskey.  It's time to pour the third.  Then click over to Facebook.


Anonymous said...

It will take more then 4-5 for it not to make sense.

Jerry The Geek said...

Abiding by the sage advice, I'm on my fifth drink.
The proposition continues to make sense.
I am .. concerned.


But still concerned