Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Day With Lucas

Last night, as I was about to pour a drink, I was called by my second son.  His family was at a church thing at the local skating rink when his wife fell and injured her wrist.  They were on the way to the emergency room.  Milady and I left immediately, beating them to the emergency room by scant seconds.  As they brought her in, we scooped up grandson Lucas, told then we have him, and left son to look after his wife.

We brought grandson home to spend the night.  Daughter-in-law's wrist is broken.  The doctors are dealing with it, but today when Lucas woke up, we realized that we hadn't planned properly.  Not much kid's breakfast stuff in the house, so PawPaw did what PawPaws do.

Breakfast down at the donut shop.  One chocolate filled, one glazed, with chocolate milk.

Then, we stopped by the local kids park to work off all that chocolate.  We noticed that they had added a splash-pad, so we went home for appropriate attire.

Inside the hour, we were back at the splash pad.

By now, it was nearly noon, so we went by Grandma's office with his dry clothes.  Grandma is an RN and L'il-bit had skinned himself during a nasty fall, so we received appropriate, professional medical care.  In gratitude, we asked Grandma if she'd like to go to lunch, (Which reminds me, I need to look in the pharmacy for Monkey-Blood.)

At Wendy's, Lucas' favorite 5-star restaurant.  After lunch, we came back home, where PawPaw is watching the boy beat all the games in Grandma's tablet.  His dad will be here in an hour or so, and PawPaw will take a break.

It's what PawPaws do.  This is the youngest reason that this blog is called PawPaw's House.

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Retired Spook said...

The purpose of grandfathers is to help grandkids get into trouble that they wouldn't think of on their own, and then give them an alibi to get out of it.

As in: "No, nothing happened, they were with me the whole time."

Down the road, when they have kids of their own, it becomes "One time, Grandpa and I.... "