Thursday, July 25, 2013


Saturday, we celebrate the birthday of Milady's mother.  The matriarch turned 92 this week and we're all gathering at our house this year for the celebration.  A joyous event, but because we're hosting, the house must be spotless, immaculate, well ordered.  God Forbid that our kinfolks come over and find a spot of dust.

We've been cleaning.  Deep cleaning.  Taking-the-curtains-down cleaning.  And re-arranging.  And the phone has been ringing what-can-we-bring.  Tuesday was yardwork, Wednesday was cabinet cleaning, getting down everything and dusting.  Cleaning windows, and taking all the blinds down, taking them outside and hosing them off.  This morning I rented a Rug Doctor, moved furniture and deep cleaned carpets.  Friday will be final prepping, setting up awnings, and making sure that the patio and decks are arranged.  Late tomorrow night, I'll put the meat on to cook.  Saturday we celebrate.

So, what's on the menu?  I'm going to cook some Italian Beef, and I"m going to make a Pulled Pork, at the specific request of the birthday girl.  Milady is (as I type this) preparing Meat Pies to freeze. She'll have about four dozen done by the time I begin heating the oil.  Meat pies freeze very well and they fry nicely in the frozen state. I'll fry those on Saturday morning just before noon.  Others are bringing beans, and dirty rice, salads and slaws.  And bread. 

I expect about forty people, and I'm sure that there will be plenty for everyone to sample.  Which reminds me, we need to order the birthday cake this afternoon.


Old NFO said...

Enjoy the party and just think, you won't have to do that for a couple of years... LOL

Gerry N. said...

Due to the fact that Da Missus and I are both half crippled, the house is a bit grubby at the best of times. When there's a party here everyone's having a good time and the odd dust bunny or trace of doggy nose art on a window usually escape notice. Except by little kids, they notice everything, especially doggy nose art on a window. It is nothing short of miraculous how an 18 mo. old can connect doggy nose art to the doggy intuitively. Little kids seem to enjoy windex and soft cloths and how they remove doggy nose art. A bottle of windex and a little encouragement can keep half a dozen toddlers happier than clams at high tide. And the bottom foot of the windows get clean.

Gerry N.

Rivrdog said...

Is your MIL a teetotaler? You didn't mention potables in your preparations.