Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Prepping

This morning we cleared the patio of furniture, added cleaner, scrubbed it with a big push broom and hosed it down.  Let it dry and put the furniture back on the patio.  As the day gets warmer, we'll move inside for final straightening and give the kitchen a final mopping before I start the meat later tonite.

Rivrdog wonders if my mother in law is a teetotaler?  Not likely.  She has one cocktail, maybe two, each and every day.  Purely to assist the digestion.  Her comestibles of choice are 1) Canadian whiskey, and if Canadian isn't available, (believe it or not) 2) straight gin, with three cubes and a splash of water.  She believes that if you're going to build a fire, it makes no sense to put it out.

Yeah, Rivrdog, there will be various potables.  Which reminds me, I need to put the soft drinks in the outdoor fridge.  And scrub down a couple of ice chests..

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Rivrdog said...

Ahh! Seven and Seven is an excellent digestif. Done a few of those in my day. My mother also drank neat gin, with bitters, with lunch, the Brits call that a "Pink Gin", and it certainly gave her the equinamity to finish her day's work keeping house and raising kids. It was the two packs of Camels per day that did her in, at 80. She was the last smoker in the clan.