Sunday, July 08, 2012

Dirty Rice

Dirty rice is a staple of Louisiana cooking, alternatively known as rice dressing.  It's an easy recipe and I talked about it first in this earlier post.  It's a filling way to use what's available and make something tasty that goes well as a side dish.

This is my updated recipe.

Dirty Rice. 

The picture above is a double batch and I made it a little differently than I did the first time I talked about it.  It's easy, peasy and I'll tell you how I made the big batch. 

2 lbs ground beef
2 lbs bulk sausage
2 packs of seasoning vegetables (onion, peppers, celery)
6 cups dry rice
6 chicken bullion cubes
6 cups water

In a large iron pot, brown your meat.  Don't drain it, but take it out and set aside, then sautee the vegetables in the meat drippings until clear.  Drain vegetables and put them in a big baking dish.  As you can see, I've used an aluminum steam table tray.  Add rice.  Stir. Put the bullion cubes into some hot water and dissolve them, then combine to make 6 cups chicken broth.  Add to meat mixture.  Cook uncovered in a 350 oven until the rice is tender and the liquid absorbed.

I made this pan of rice last night to take to a family gathering and we fed 20 people, of course we also had a pork roast, beans, country ribs, fried zucchini and a variety of desserts.  I brought the left-overs home and fed about 12 of those same people for lunch.

This recipe is easily halved and is just as tasty for a more intimate gathering.  It's a staple of cajun cooking.  For a little variety, add a cup or two of chopped chicken livers when you're browning the raw meat.  It's good stuff either way.


Old NFO said...

That it is! I also make this a main meal if I'm in a hurry...

Rivrdog said...

Great recipe, but confine those aluminum steam table trays to garage projects such as drip pans. Uncoated aluminum will form alumina salts with the hot food it touches, and alumina salts are suspect in stroke AND Alzheimers. I first heard this 20 years ago, from a neurosurgeon in the stroke ward where they were trying to recover my Gudwife. She's partially recovered, but we don't cook in aluminum any more. We use aluminum foil to store COLD food in sometimes, but then, it's not forming much alumina salts when cold.

Pawpaw said...

Twenty years ago, Dawg, that might have been good information. They're not sure right now, and lots of aluminum is used for cooking, whether in pots and pans or those steam table trays I use. Something is gonna kill me and I can't worry about everything.

Anonymous said...

I do like your recipes paw-paw. My mom and grandmother are from LA, and your recipes remind me of some of the stuff I grew up eating, and still fix today.