Friday, July 26, 2013


I've been playing silly pistol games with the Cenla Sport Shooters.  These guys sit around at night dreaming fevered dreams of stages that require multiple magazines-full of ammo.  Most gunfights are over in three seconds and require less than three rounds, but if these fellows want multiple engagements they're free to design and build those stages.

Nice guys, one and all.  I'm not complaining, but I realize that what they're doing is not a serious representation of self-defense skills.  So, realizing that my standard load of a hot pistol and two reloads was insufficient to play their silly games, I hollered up Brownell's and made an order.

The one on top is for my M&P45 if I decide to shoot that, the three on the bottom are standard, 7-rounnd 1911 mags if I decide to carry the single stack.  Those 1911 mags are carrying the Brownell's name.  They're less expensive than McCormick's or Wilson's and from my initial inspection they seem to be very sturdy magazines.  Adding those magazines to my current stash should give me enough spares to engage the zombie horde that the Sport Shooters seem to prefer.  At least now I won't run out of ammo during a stage.

It's fun shooting with those folks, it really is.


Old NFO said...

Yeah, some of the stages these days 'are' a bit outrageous! I'll be curious how the Brownell's mags hold up for you.

Rivrdog said...

One year, my Sheriff contracted shooting quals out to the Clark Co., WA, Sheriff, across the River. They had a "shoot village" at their range. I carried a Glock 17, first load of 20 rounds, and 34 rounds backup. We used all those rounds in 5 houses against at least 8 targets. We had to devise our own cover and were graded on it. Two of the targets had hostages which we could not hit. Killing a target usually brought you under fire from the next one. There were no foot-fault lines, no muzzling violations, no regulation this and sub-rule that. If I could practice that way today, I would, but IPSC, IDPA and the rest are too quick to DQ and send you home, so I have to go to my range when I'm alone and set up my own version of it so I can move and shoot.