Friday, September 29, 2006

Local Races

When the sun comes up tomorrow, Louisiana goes to the polls. Alexandria has a hotly contested mayoral race with seven pretenders and the results should be interesting. I worked a football game at a local high school tonight and I informally surveyed a couple of folks who keep their fingers on the pulse of Alexandria politics. The conclusion: Too close to call, or It's a Crapshoot. I don't live in Alexandria, so I don't have a dog in that hunt, and whatever they do will be wrong, so it is likely to be a particularly weird runoff that will begin Sunday morning.

The Insurance Commissioner race is interesting, only if you recognize that Louisiana has real difficulties with insurance after the joint Katrina/Rita debacle. Three of the last four insurance commissioners went to jail for corruption, and the Insurance commission seems to be uncommonly easy for someone to corrupt. The only question in that race is who do we want to send to jail?

Then we have 13 amendments to the state constitution to consider. One is so poorly worded that the Town Talk recommended that we vote it down simply to get the legislature to re-draft it.

Saturday is going to be interesting.

For myself, I am invited to the post-poll party at the Mayor of Pollock's house. It should be a rollicking good time.

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