Friday, September 15, 2006

Bolton - ASH

I left the house tonight to go to the Bolton-ASH game. Local high school football.

ASH (Alexandria Senior High, to the uninitiated) has a great fan base. Bolton's football team is up-and-coming and the two schools have a rivalry that extends back to the early 70s when ASH was built and took students from Bolton. Bolton is a 3A school, and ASH is a 4A school. This isn't a district game, it is an old rivalry.

Anyway, I went to ASH to see the game, and I couldn't get into the parking lot, so I came home and started looking for an AM radio. I don't own one, evidently. So, I google'd KSYL, the local radio station and found their live feed. I'm listening to the game on the computer.

Tonight's game is all ASH, all the time. The score in the middle of the 3rd quarter is 33-0. Bolton has a new coach, John Ware, and this is his first season. He's fighting a bunch of larger teams early in the season and can't expect to dominate them. Bolton starts their district matches in a couple of weeks, and Coach Ware believes that if we don't have many injuries early in the season, they'll have a good season against the district rivals.

As a Bolton alumni, I'd like to see Bolton have some successes on the gridiron and I have high hopes for the district games.


Anonymous said...

Bolton will compete in district play. Injuries will hurt us. Coach Ware is doing a great job. Haven't seen a football coach with much potentiall since Brownie Parmley retired. Ware has a lot of the same style Parmley. The Bolton student body came out of the stands and clapped for the football team as they came off the field. Bolton's coming back!!!! Come out alumni and support what will be Bolton High School again. They need to know you are there behind them with support and encouragement. By the way Lil' Parmley is there as asst. principal. May be they will make him principal then we all know Bolton will be back.

Unknown said...

Does anyone remember when the high school games use to come on t.v? I think it was like ax sports or something like that.