Sunday, February 13, 2011

Draconian budget cuts.

So, I'm wondering how Draconian these supposed budget cuts might be? For that matter, if Draco ever cut a budget?

Turns out, Ron Paul is recommending that we cut spending by a paltry $500 billion. Chump change.

I think that it might be instructive to run this old graphic again.

How about we re-adopt the '07 budget and use it as a baseline?


J said...

Did you know that we have military forces in 175 countries? Cutting that by 2/3 would save a trillion or two. But wait . . . that's still 116 countries. Let's cut it by 3/4.

Pawpaw said...

Good point175, Junior, and I'd normally agree with that. Of those 175 countries, which of those are purely tasked with embassy security?

J said...

Didn't think about that, Pawpaw. I wonder myself.

Pawpaw said...

Yeah, I'm sure we've got a couple of dozen Marines in Finland, but that ain't much of a mission.

I do agree that some of the countries where we've got forces should be able to take care of themselves. Like Germany, or Japan.

Anonymous said...

Here's an easy-peasy guideline: If it isn't in the Constitution, get rid of it.

If it turns out that we did away with something useful, the individual States can take care of it.

How's that sound?

Gerry N.