Thursday, February 03, 2011

Still in the Hospital

I'm still running between the house, the hospital and the job. It's worth it, because my sweetie is worth it, but blogging suffers as everything I've got is focused on my sweetie.

She's making progress, getting testy with people which I take as a good sign. She's impatient to be well and I certainly understand that feeling. I just called and she wants a McDonald's frappe when I come to the hospital. That's little enough, I suppose, so I'm happy to provide that for her.

The referees decided to come back to work, after pissing off everyone that deals with high school sports. They didn't get their pay raise, but did get a commitment to consider it. The other thing that they want is increased respect. Tough. You can't demand respect, you've got to earn it, and they lost a bunch of it over the past week. If they want respect, they're going to have to earn it one day at a time.

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Old NFO said...

Point on the Refs! Glad Milady is getting better, I know that is a strain on everybody. Don't worry about blogging, just help her get well!