Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Students for Liberty

While I was surfing around, I found this video from an outfit called Students for Liberty. It's rather right-wing, but it's also basic economics. Plus, the spokesperson is easy on the eye.

I happen to agree with her that if we could get rid of Depts HUD, Energy, and Agriculture, that would be a good start. Throw in Education and we're on a roll.

I notice today that the Republicans in the House are rolling out a list of spending cuts.
The cuts go after common conservative targets, including the Environmental Protection Agency and Amtrak, but also cover everything from law enforcement to NASA. The proposal was released ahead of a private meeting between Republican House leaders and President Obama. House Speaker John Boehner said afterward that the group discussed the cuts at the meeting and that Obama signaled a desire to find common ground on spending.
I bet that they'd do better to watch this student video, then just start by cutting Housing, Energy, Agriculture, and Education.

Who else has a list of Fed Gov agencies that we can cut? I might even put Homeland Security on that list.


Anonymous said...

Bureau of Land Management
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Each and every single czar....


J said...

Eliminate federal grants to cities. For example, Monroe has a HUGE federal grant to replace their water meters. Let them replace their own &^%$%#$@ water meters! How 'bout a one-time $20 per meter charge? How 'bout a 1¢ per gallon new meter charge?

J said...

PS: Re: HUD. Someone explain to me why we build brick government houses & apartments for poor people to live in on our taxes while we're tearing down shotgun houses poor people once lived in for free or on their own money? Does the Constitution guarantee every US citizen a brick house?

Anonymous said...

DEA. We've spent billions over the years to fight drugs and they just keep pouring into the country.

Rich Jordan said...

ATF(E). At the very least severely reduce it and reign in its power-mad leadership and bureaucracy.

Also switch to some manner of 'flat' taxation, whether flat income or consumption, and wind down the IRS once and for all.

Old NFO said...

ATF, TVA, BIA, NEA among others