Friday, February 04, 2011

Suddenlink Still Sucks.

I awoke this morning to a dark house. That's not unusual, but a quick look outside showed it to be truly dark. The electricity was out. No problem, I got up, let the dog out and began my day, contemplating how long I might be without juice, then saw a CLECO truck roll down the road. About 7:30 the lights blinked on twice. Then off twice. I decided to go see Milady at the hospital and brought her a cup of coffee and a newspaper.

About 10:00 I called the house and got the answering machine, which told me that the electricity was working, so I came home to do laundry. I got the laundry going, then came in to surf the web. HA! That wasn't likely. I turned on the TV and got a neat message that our service couldn't be found, but that I should call Suddenlink and tell them.

So, I called Suddenlink. Waited about 20 minutes for a nice fellow named Robert to come on the phone.

Me: "Hey, Robert, it's a good thing that I don't have my phone bundled on Suddenlink service."

Robert: "Uuuh, why's that, sir?"

Me: "Well, Robert, if I had a Suddenlink phone I couldn't call to tell you that my service is out."

Then I proceeded to chew on Robert's butt for a while. He couldn't tell me why my service was out, but he thought it might have something to do with the weather.

Weather is something we have every day. Some of it is good, some of it is bad. Weather is no reason to have bad service. Yeah, we got a little ice this morning, but if those Suddenlink folks had realized that we have ice occasionally, maybe they should have been trimming lines all summer. Make sure that the trees can't get into the lines. They're not proactive, they're reactive, which is another reason that Suddenlink sucks.

You all might remember the post I did earlier on Suddenlink service? A young lady, Tina, in comments told me that she worked for Suddenlink and asked me to email her with my concerns. I wrote her a long email detailing my feelings about their service, and she has yet to respond to my critique. Yet another reason that Suddenlink's customer service sucks.

If Suddenlink was really interested in customer service, then when my service was out, they'd call me before I had a chance to call them. They'd tell me what caused the problem, what steps they were taking to solve the problem, and when I could expect to have my service resumed. That would be good customer service.


Old NFO said...

I'm firmly convinced customer service is NOT in the vocabulary of ANY cable service... We have the same problems with Verizon and now Comcast up here. And we pretty much have no option other than dropping cable entirely.

J said...

I suspect the problem is service people, both tool-kit people and telephone people. The company has to hire people who can pass a P test. That's probably only 1/3 of the applicants.

Anonymous said...

I sent Suddenlink an email telling them to get you fixed up. The woman emailed me back today saying that she was workinh hard on getting your issues resolved.

Ed Ritcherson Gainesville,tx said...

I have had a running gun battle with Suddenlink. I have heard every excuse known to man from good ol Suddenlink, including me not maintaining their out dated equipment. Boy, they really do SUCK. Oh to have Cox cable back