Monday, February 14, 2011

Be Careful

Be careful what you pray for. I'm reminded that the Iranian President, Achmed Imadiinnerjacket, (or whatever his name is), cheered the revolt in Tunisia and Egypt.
Hours before President Hosni Mubarak stepped down on Feb. 11 and Cairo reverberated with cheers, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in a speech to mark the 32nd anniversary of Iran’s Islamic revolution, said Egypt’s uprising heralded “a new Middle East” without Israeli and U.S. interference.
As it turns out, cheering the popular revolts in other countries might not be the best idea for someone who is seen as a despot and a bit of a tyrant. Some are reporting on popular demonstrations in Tehran, with one news source calling it Total Chaos. From the Washington Post:
TEHRAN - Crowds of demonstrators battled security forces armed with tear gas and batons during a surprisingly large anti-government protest in the Iranian capital Monday that drew inspiration from the recent popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia.
It'll be interesting to see the response from the White House. As one blogger put it:
Obama, if you screw this one up, history will never forgive you. Think about that. You will never be forgiven by history. You're the president of the United States of America. Swallow your pride. Get rid of that clown Clapper, get rid of all the incompetents advising you, and get an experienced A-team in the White House, now.
As my Momma always said, Be careful what you pray for. I'm betting Dinnerjacket wishes he'd have kept his mouth shut.


Old NFO said...

I'm sure he does, but I'll be they use force in significant levels to put down ANY crowds...

Anonymous said...

As for Teh Won getting rid of the incompetents in His Holy Court, how on Earth is He going to know a fawning, lickspittle, acolyte with the ability and intellect of a marsmallow from a competent advisor?

Who's going to show him? If anyone tries, he'll soon be wearing tire tracks from the Obamabus.

We are in the best of hands. If you have a generous stockpile of food and ammo, add to it. If you haven't, learn to pray.

Gerry N.

Nancy R. said...

"Achmed Imadiinnerjacket"

That warrented a beverage alert, thank-you-very-much.