Monday, February 21, 2011


Milady and I drove into Grant Parish this evening to see our newest grandbaby, Lucas. He was born on January 12th, and Milady went into the hospital on January 25th, so we haven't seen him in a month or so.

He's growing and eating and crying and doing all the things that newborns do. Milady had to feed him because that's what grandmothers do.

After he was fed, we were able to play with him for a few minutes before it was time to head back to our house. Lucas is our sixth grandson I don't know that any of them will ever favor us with a grand-daughter, but we'll do the best we can with the boys.

It was good to see the young'un.


Old NFO said...

Great pics, and glad to see Milady up and around!

Flintlock Tom said...

My parents had 9 grandchildren, only one of which is a granddaughter.
Last night my son and his wife dropped over for a minute to tell us face-to-face that we will be grandparents, for the first time, this October.
I can't wait.