Friday, October 30, 2009


It has rained all day. Lots of rain, continuous rain. Since before daylight it's been raining and now, as dusk falls, it's still raining. I pumped the pool down to the level of the skimmer yesterday. Today, looking at it, I believe we've had between three and four inches at the house. Lots of rain. All day rain.

That's what the front looked like today, about noon. A continuous band of rain that stretched from Arkansas down to the Gulf, covering a 100 mile swath. It's a huge front and temperatures will cool considerably as it passes. Temps have already dropped, but I don't believe that they're through. Our high this morning was about 60F, and right now it's about 52F. They're calling for the temps to be in the mid 40s tomorrow.

The rain will end sometime after midnight and tomorrow will be partly cloudy and cool. Which is good news for us deer hunters. If my experience is any indication, the deer have been bedded all day. Tomorrow they should move, which sounds like a good thing for those of us that'll be sitting on a deer stand. Tomorrow will be a very good day to be in the woods.

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Melissa said...

Good luck and stay warm.