Thursday, October 29, 2009

More on Handi-Rifle

Flintlock Tom says in comments:
I really like the H&R single shots. I have a 12 gauge and I have been watching for a .45-70. It seems odd to me that they didn't make the barrels interchangeable. It would have made them very versatile to have one receiver and swap the barrel.
As it turns out, Tom, the barrels are interchangeable, with certain caveats. Not like a Thompson Center rifle, but with a little fitting they are easily interchangeable. You've got to use an SB2 frame. Shotgun frames aren't strong enough for some centerfire cartridges. H&R 1871 used to have a service where you could send in your receiver and have new barrels fitted to it. Now that the rifles are made by Remington at the Ilion plant, it's yet to be seen how that service will remain.

However, the folks over at the Greybeards's Outdoors Forum have everything you need to know about the Handi Rifle in their forum. Two of the threads are particularly intersting. The FAQ's thread is a must-read, and the Handi-Basics 101 is also full of information. Those guys at that forum know all there is to know about the Handi-Rifle and they're willing to share the knowledge. Go over and browse around.


J said...

Here's the url to the barrel program:

A 22" 45-70 barrel is only $90. A 12 ga screw-in choke barrel is only $65.

Note: for scope use--horrors!--you'll need a Monte Carlo stock--$40.70.

Anonymous said...

Only barrell currently out of stock but production run is scheduled is 35-50. Had Tommie check for me so I can send one of my 45-70's back and have it rebarrelled for the grand young un. Thinking about 44 magnun or 45LC

Anonymous said...

The Thompson is not a legal primitive weapon even in a primitive caliber. The H&R is.

Wonder why?

Anonymous said...

"Wonder why?"

Allow me to explain. It is a law written by legislators.

Most legislatures have a cumulative IQ that could be rolled on dice.

Nuff' said?

Gerry N.

Anonymous said...