Monday, October 19, 2009

Internet troubles

A bunch of teachers went to the main School Board Office today for a workshop on using the internet in the classroom. I noticed them coming back to school earlier than expected and learned that the internet access was down for the school district. We could still use the intranet, but the internet is down. Something about AT&T and a trunk problem. It's way over my head.

Police work has changed in the past several years because we all use computers to submit reports. I had to do a report today and emailed it to my supervisor. He called a few minutes ago and told me he never got it. Duuh! I should have known that he wouldn't get it. The internet was down. I told him I'd try again tomorrow.

Back in the day, I'd take a report with two forms and a pad of lined paper. When I finished my report, generally using ball-point pen, I'd call a supervisor, we'd pick a place to meet and I'd give it to him (or her). He'd read it, tell me to make corrections, then he'd take it to the office. Nowadays everything is email or fax. It's a lot easier to submit a report online and saves a lot of wear and tear on vehicles and supervisors.

Until the internet goes down.

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