Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good news for Garand Fans

The word over at Culver's Gun Talk is that the CMP has arranged for a shipment of M1 Garands, bayonets and 70 million rounds of 30-06 ammunition from Greece.
Many, many, many (did I say 'many'?) near mint rifles with nothing wrong but the trigger group and/or stock were switched. I think a third or more of what I saw was truly excellent like this, and it actually became more unusual to see one with the correct trigger group and stock. As to condition, these could be anything from fairly used to nearly unfired (if not completely unfired). But there were many that were right as rain and nearly unmarked - clearly collector grades. If that holds across the board it means that there were over 6000 rifles that were collector grades or a stock/trigger group away from collector grades.
I'm not in the market for a collector grade Garand, but I might like one, or several, shooters. And, with 70 million rounds of ammo coming, I might be able to afford a couple of cases.

I meant last year to get my paperwork complete and submitted to the CMP and this gives me the motivation to do that.

Hat tip to The Gun Counter forum.

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Rich Jordan said...

I'm very glad to hear about the ammo; a few weeks ago they stopped taking orders on the ammo they had and I hadn't freed up the funds to order some. Can't shoot the rifles much here (Daleyville and hizzoner and his gang have managed to shut down the closer ranges) so I still had some, but the M2 ball that will work properly in the M1 just isn't as easy to get as it used to be.

You should definitely get a Garand. They are absolutely wonderful rifles.