Saturday, October 24, 2009

Huge slide

We've got this huge blow-up slide in my side yard, rented by my son's girlfriend for a kid's birthday party. Some of the grandkids are over here now and the remainder of the party is arriving soon, but I had to capture pictures of this thing for posterity.

To give you some idea of scale, the fences in the background are 6 feet tall.

Here's a close-up with three of the grandsons on it.

I've got to fire up the charcoal pit soon to cook hot dogs. It's going to be a bang-up time.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking "good thing there is an RN in residence"... hope everyone has a blast! :)

be603 said...

Hey! I wanna come over and play too! :-)

Melissa said...

wish we could have been there...miss you all