Friday, October 16, 2009

Makin' Do

I got home this afternoon and realized that I was out of bourbon. Well, damn. We live in a dry portion of Rapides Parish and I was dreading the trip to Alexandria to buy whiskey. I can't buy whiskey on the way home from Alexandria because I'm in uniform and the Sheriff frowns on us buying whiskey in uniform. So, when I need booze I've got to go home, change out of uniform and make the trip back across the river.

Milady reminded me that I'm retired from the military and there is a PX at Camp Beauregard, just up the road from home. About five miles. So, I hied myself over to the Camp and found the PX. They didn't have exactly what I was looking for so I decided to console myself with a half-gallon of Jack Daniels.

On reflection, a fellow who has to make-do with Jack Daniels doesn't have much to complain about.


Anonymous said...

I envy some of youse guys what can drink stuff that's fairly inexpensive. I haven't found anything that's cheap that doesn't make me ill even in small quantities. On the other hand I'm not likely to go broke buying hooch. What I do buy is Glen Garioch 15 yr old Single Malt Scotch. I pay about $50 for a 750ml jug which lasts me most of a year. I've yet to get drunk on it, it tastes far too good to waste that way.

Gerry N.

J said...

I drink Evan Williams green label. Good stuff, and a half gallon is ~$15.

Of course I'll drink any bourbon or sour mash if someone else is buying. . . .

JPG said...

Some 35 years ago, a friend introduced me to the quiet satisfaction of W. L. Weller's Special Reserve. It's been my first choice of sippin' whiskey ever since. But you're right: A man can make do quite well with black label Jack D.

Just for curiosity's sake, Dennis, what libation was it you sought?