Sunday, October 18, 2020

We Voted

 Belle and I were out running errands yesterday afternoon, and took a few minutes to g vote.   Early voting for the presidential election started on Friday, and Belle and I took the opportunity to fulfill our civic duty.  There was a broad range of candidates on the ballot, from President to Justice of the Peace.

PawPaw may have committed a misdemeanor during the process.  It was not until I was in the voting booth that I recalled that I was carrying a handgun. The one down-side to the law is that there are places where carrying a handgun is prohibited.  And I carry so frequently that I sometimes forget that I am carrying.   Luckily, concealed means concealed, and there was no reason to break concealment during the short time I was in the polling place.

Belle and I will finish our coffee and shortly after daylight, move out too the kitchen in the shop to prepare the Sunday feast.  Today's menu includes crawfish etoufee.  We have already started a small portion of beef tips in gravy for those who might eschew shell fish.

Y'all have a blessed Sunday.

Update to add:  DaveS asked for the recipe for crawfish etoufee.  It's here in the archives.  Bon apetit!


DaveS said...

Crawfish Etoufee was my first introduction to Creole cooking. It's remained as one of my favorites. Would you and Miss Belle share your recipe?

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

A firearm misdemeanor; is that where you miss the meanest thug but hit the nicer thug standing beside him?

DaveS said...

Thank you sir!

Stuart said...

Spent my formative years in South Loosiana with "Native" parents & Grandparents. You sure make me miss home.

Witold Pilecki said...

I always carry, including to my local polling place which until the coronavirus lockdown shitshow, was the auditorium at the library. In order to have the room to maintain "social distancing", it has been moved to the local Gun Free Death-Zone, the elemrntary school. Therefore, I WILL BE committing a felony.

JLM said...

Yup, done that before (also not on purpose). ...carry in “restricted” areas. Oops!
Thank you for voting!