Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Boudin for Breakfast

  ​Boudin, [budɛ̃], or more properly, boudin blanc, is a mixture of beef, pork, spices and rice stuffed ina  sausage casing, cooked and served either as part of a meal, or as an hors d'oeuvre. Found in creole or Cajun cuisine, it is a staple in this area.  Normally, we can find it at gas stations or meat markets.

There are as many variations to this sausage as there are cooks that make it, and many aficionados locally can identify the origin of the boudin  by taste.  Locally, we use Guillory's Specialty Meats as our local butcher shop, and when I shop there, I'm apt to purchase a length of boudin along with the remainder of the order. Boudin is sold fully cooked and ready to eat, but I like to put mine under a broiler for five minutes on each side to crisp the casing and give it some "snap".

I bought some boudin yesterday and prepared it because grandson Quinton had asked for it.  This morning I found some leftover and ran it in the microwave to consume for breaksfast.

Leftover boudin.  It's what's for breakfast.


mostly cajun said...

Leftover boudin? Try boudin and eggs. Skin the cold boudin, put in skillet lubed with a bit of butter, and reheat, smashing the boudin flat to get better heat absorption and to crisp up the outside layer. When it's hot, break a couple of eggs over the hot boudin, break the yolks, give the whole mess a toss or two, insuring the eggs congeal a bit, then slide off onto a plate.

It's sort of a boudin hash, but it's one heck of a hearty breakfast.

I can't claim the recipe. I got it from my dad.

TechieDude said...


Beat me to it. Mostly Cajun is right. Boudin and eggs are the bomb.

I crisp it, but then serve with two over-easy eggs. Amazing stuff.

I generally get ours from Don's Meats in Lafayette when we visit. Although I got some good stuff from as well.

I'm overdue for an order. Thanks for reminding me. BTW, there is nothing on this earth like Boudin, Andoullie, or even the smoked sausage that comes from cajun country. Anything you see in stores here, or anywhere else, is a cheap imitation. They have "boudin" at Kroger, but it's disgusting white. Totally wrong color. Looks like weisswurst. Probably all rice.

Old NFO said...

Nothing wrong with that!