Sunday, May 24, 2020

Sunday Covid Update

It's Sunday, and the LDH gets sloppy with the numbers, but let's se what is reported anyway.

Today's total covid load is 37,169. An increase of 129 since yesterday.
The fatalities are at 2567,  and increase of only seven (7).
Hospital census continues to fall.  We're at 813 today, down from 836 yesterday.

My home parish of Rapides reports a total covid count of 606 today.

We did an easy lunch today.  Store bought potato salad, and I cooked a bunch of chicken wings with two sauces.  One a honey-barbecue, and the other a Louisiana brand wing sauce.  Both were good.  Some liked them spicy, some liked the sweet.

Now, the guests are gone and we're in the house taking advantage of air conditioning.  I may get in my recliner and do a little eye lid maintenance for an hour.

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