Tuesday, August 06, 2019

America's Rifle

With all the hoopla over the weekend, I realized that I didn't currently have an AR in the stocks.  I've given them all away.  Each of my sons has an AR that I gifted to them, but the old man didn't have one in the cupboard.

So, this morning after qualifying for the Sheriff's race, I stopped by a local merchant to see what he had in stock.  I picked up an entry-level M4 clone  Pretty much everything on this rile sucks, but the price was very okay.  So, I brought it home.

Came home and laid it on the kitchen table, preparatory to giving it a good cleaning.  Grandson Quinton walked through the kitchen and expressed interest.  He's a soldier who hasn't yet been to basic training, so I thought it might be a good idea to expose him to the rifle he'll be carrying.  We went out to the shop where the cleaning gear is stashed.

Exploring the mysteries of the AR bolt assembly
He's fairly well versed, having disassembled and re-assembled it a half-dozen times.  He'll get more experience when he gets to basic, but I think that he has a firm understanding.

Today has been a very good day.

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Anonymous said...

As popular as the AR-15 platform is, I think the more practical version of the American Rifle is a lever action .357 carbine or trapper. Ammunition is very common and can be handloaded into rounds suitable for mice to moose (okay, that last one is stretching it, lol). Small game, medium and large. Recoil is moderate, not very loud and the gun itself doesn't appear threatening to the general U.S. population. So a lot of people can shoot this with little problems. Handy to carry too. A whole lot of pluses for this - everybody needs a .357 lever, in my opinion.

I hope Quintan learns a lot of good in the military. Thank you for volunteering to do the hard stuff young man.