Saturday, September 07, 2013

Saturday Piddling

This is the Louisiana 2nd Amendment Tax holiday, where sportsmen everywhere get a tax break on purchases of guns, ammunition, and hunting supplies.  I know that the 2nd Amendment isn't about hunting, but the legislature included all sorts of items in this sales-tax holiday, including many of the supplies we use when we're out hunting.

Lots of guys and gals look forward to this weekend.  If you're buying a rifle or shotgun, the savings of the sales tax is like getting a 9% discount on the out-the-door price.  Lots of rifles, shotguns, and ammunition are bought during this weekend.

I'm hosting an old-fashioned Turkey Shoot at the church on September 28th, so I'll take inventory of my shotgun shells after this pot of coffee, and head to the local gun shop to replenish my supplies.  This is the second year I've hosted the event, and I donate the ammunition we use.  Of course, the remaining ammo gets put into my stock to be used with grandkids, for small game hunting, and the family skeet shoot on Thanksgiving afternoon.  It's time to stock up on the weekend that doesn't require a sales tax.

My church is a country church, with woods on three sides.  We looked carefully at the safety aspects and determined that we could shoot shotguns on the church grounds with complete safety, so we decided to have a Turkey Shoot with the proceeds going to the Mission Fund.  I take over the firing area, and last year the ladies sold sandwiches.  You got a fine pulled pork sandwich, a bag of chips, and a soft drink for $5.00.  It's a heck of a deal, and they made as much money for the fund as I made with the Turkey Shoot.  God, guns, fellowship and shooting on the church grounds.  Head on over to the cook tent and get a sandwich.  It's a great way to spend a Saturday.

Bethel United Methodist Church is located at 125 Bethel Road, Deville, LA 71328.  If you're in the area on September 28th, come on out for fellowship and shooting.  I'll have loaner shotguns available, and everyone is welcome.  The firing line goes hot at 1:00 p.m.


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

Is it safe to assume that you will be shooting the Deville out of Louisiana?

Old NFO said...

Nicely done Sir! And keep up the good work!

Termite said...


I won't make it this year. On Sept 28, I am scheduled to be in southern Tennessee, loading up a small plane into a cargo trailer to bring home. Would like to be there and eat one of your wife's pork sandwiches.