Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Chores

It's Saturday around PawPaw's House and there's not a lot going on. No real plans for the weekend, or more accurately, nothing that requires me to do much of anything.  Tonight is our bi-weekly family gathering, and I figure that about 26 people are going to show up here at dinner time.  Maybe 30, so we'll plan for thirty.

Many folks would cringe at having 30 people show up for supper, but every one of those folks is family, either in-laws or out-laws or sometimes both.  We have this get-together on a bi-weekly basis, and we rotate the venue.  Sometimes it's here, sometimes it's there.  Before everyone leaves tonight, someone will volunteer to do the next one, so it only comes around every couple of months to my house.

Everyone brings something, and we coordinate that, but the host is always on the hook for the main meat dish.  For tonite, Milady chose Pulled Pork, which is easy, simple, and feeds a crowd.  Some of the other family is on the hook for 'tater salad, beans, and dessert.  When I arose this morning, I put two big pork butts in the roasters and the kitchen is redolent with the aroma of roasting pig.  I've got to run to town in a few minutes to replenish the beer locker, and I need to pick up a little barbeque sauce.

Who knows?  I may get a nap this afternoon before the festivities.

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Old NFO said...

Oh man, I could use some good pulled pork about now... sigh