Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Farmer's Sucks

Yeah, Farmer's Insurance.

I've been a Farmer's customer for many years, with both auto and homeowner's policies.  Never made a claim that I can recall, but nonetheless, Farmer's decided to quit doing business in the state of Louisiana, and sometime this spring told me that my policies would not be renewed.  So, I went looking for insurance and found auto insurance with another national carrier.  Got it done, then told Farmer's that we were through.  Went through their paperwork drill, and thought that was that.

Not so fast, slick.  Farmer's is just getting started.  I got a bill, laughed and threw it away.  They told me they wouldn't renew, so I didn't owe them anything.  Then I GOT A REFUND CHECK from them, in about the same amount as the bill that I discarded.  Then, about two weeks later, I got a notice from a collection agency.  So, I called the nice lady at Farmer's.  She told me she'd check and she did and told me that I had not two, but four policies with Farmer's and that I had only cancelled the one, and that I still owed them money on the others.  So, I reminded her that I had cancelled all my auto insurance, and that I only had homeowners, which is set to expire on September 27th.  Then the nice lady told me that I could either pay the money or sue the company.

Nice way to deal with people, and the money they wanted was a piddling amount, so I sent Farmer's a check, and wrote an amusing letter to management where I used phrases like "fresh hell" and "REFUND CHECK".  I got a nice emal from the company telling me that my concerns had been forwarded to an accounts specialist and that they'd be looking into it.

Imagine my amusement when I opened the mail earlier this week and found another bill from Farmer's.  It seems that when they cancelled my auto policies, I no longer qualified for a multi-policy discount, because I now only had one policy with them.  They threatened to send me to a collection agency, and I wrote them another check for about $55.00 and mailed it with another amusing letter, using words like cold-hearted and 'penny pinching".  Hopefully, they'll get the idea.

We love Farmers, dumb, dumb dumb dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb.

Talk to Farmer's and cancel them.  They're a horrible outfit.


Old NFO said...

ONe of the reasons I've stayed with State Farm for over 40 years... NEVER had a problem with them!

Anonymous said...

I had Allstate for my home and auto for years. I shop for my auto policy every renewal and my agent told me to double my basic policy or he would not write me. I said bye and they send me so much stuff that I won't ever renew again.

Anonymous said...

I would have simply ignored them.

Pawpaw said...

That's a good one, NFO. State Farm dropped me years ago on homeowner's insurance and I'll never darken the door of another State Farm office. Their reason for dropping me? I lived too far out of town. In a hurricane zone.

Anonymous said...

I am an independent insurance adjuster. No details here, but: drop Farmers. Do the legwork and replace them as your insurance carrier. You may not do better, but it is very unlikely that you will do worse.

zdogk9 said...

USAA, I've been with them for near ever.