Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rainy Saturday

We finally got a good rainfall last night, and the weather weenies tell us that we have a chance of rain today.  Milady is off on a family trip, and it's the dog and I here today, all alone with no adult supervision.  Because it's rainy, wet, outside, I've got rifle brass tumbling in the garage, and a quick review of the dog's coat reveals that he needs a bath.  Badly.  Guess what's in store for the dog shortly?

If the past experience is any indicator of future performance, I'll need a shower after I've given the dog a bath.  Then, I'll take the brass out of the media and load some .25-06 with hunting ammo.  We've got four of those rifles in the family and I'll bet that someone will need it before the month is out.

LSU plays Auburn tonite at 7:45 on ESPN.  That's where I'll be this evening.

UPDATE:  Quick video shot after the dog's bath.  He always freaks out after a bath.

He'll get over it soon enough.  Now, I have to clean that bathroom.  Gawd, he was nasty.


Goatwhiskers said...

Wrong university, Paw-Paw. Aggies hosting SMU at 6. GW

Old NFO said...

Dammit, I'm in the wrong part of the world... Won't see ANY games... sigh

Gerry N. said...

Looks like the Dawg is trying to get his own self smelling right after his bath.