Saturday, May 18, 2013

Club Shooting Saturday

I went to my first club match with the Cenla Sport Shooters  We started the club match with about 20 shooters.  PawPaw was one of three newbies and we got a quick briefing on the operation and rules of the range. 

Evidently, there are some club gunners there.  Many of the pistols were highly modified 1911's although there were a smattering of other guns.  Safety, of course, was paramount and it was different being on this range today.  Unlike the vast majority of law enforcement ranges that I've been on.  For example, they ran a cold line, which is probably a good idea, but they really raised my eyebrows when the told me that my 1911 had to be carried in Condition 4, which I thought was odd.  You'd think that guys who run 1911s would know how to run them safely, but hey, it's their range, and their rules, so I carried my pistol in Condition 4. 

It was my first match, and I was focused on learning the protocol and trying to not get disqualified.  DQ is fairly easy to get, but many years of muzzle awareness kept me off the DQ list.  I was running the 1915 Colt and I had some trouble with it in some of the stages.  That's good to know, and evidently I've got a problem with my slide lock. 

I didn't bring enough magazines.  I actually ran out of ammo on one stage, before I was through engaging targets.  But, I had fun and I didn't embarass myself or get anyone hurt.  It was a good day on the range, I burned some powder, and I ran a gun that was older than everyone on the line. 


Ed Jones said...

I had a match in Missouri to day, only messed up one stage. I have used Chip McCormick 8 round Power Mags for a few years and am happy with them.

Old NFO said...

Yeah, first time is always interesting... Hope you figure out the issue with the pistol though!