Sunday, May 05, 2013

New Gazebo

Milady and I like having a shady area on the deck, especially in our hot Louisiana summers, a spot where the breezes blow and the sun can't find its way to the chair.  We've been through several gazebos and the learning curve has taught me that hurricanes are hell on them and freak snowstorms (any snow in Louisiana is freakish) are tough on them.  We plan to remove the cover before winter, but winter seems to catch us unawares.  The last gazebo we had lasted several  years, but the cover finally succumbed to UV rays and a heavy accumulation of snow.

I was just about to pull the pin and order a new cover when Milady found this one on sale at Big Lots.  It's bigger than the last gazebo and this whole  thing cost less on sale than a replacement cover for the old one, so we bought the new gazebo and I assembled it this afternoon with help from the boys.

I plan, one day, to have a nice wooden gazebo with a steel roof installed, but in the meantime, this should meet our needs for entertaining and having grandkids in the swimming pool.


Termite said...


What was the price, and what kind of anchor system does it use? I'm sure my wife would like one for Mother's day.


Pawpaw said...

It was about $250.00, Termite, at Big Lots on MacArthur. It's got anchors with it, but I simply screwed it to the wooden deck, using the holes that the anchors were supposed to use.

Retha Ison @ PremiumWholeSale said...

Though it is not your ideal gazebo, that one already looks great and functional. In time, when you have enough budget, you can have your custom-made gazebo that you can flaunt confidently to everyone. Maybe, you can also give your space a little makeover to highlight your gazebo.