Thursday, May 09, 2013

Thursday Mail Order

During some slack time today, I was surfing around and came to the site of El Paso Saddlery.  Their home page tells us that they've been making holsters since 1889, and if that's the case, they have bound to made a holster for a Colt Pocket Positive.  I've been looking for a holster for Milady's gun and while it's easy to find holsters for Glock 19s and Smith and Wesson 19s, finding a holster for a pistol that hasn't been made since 1940.  I figured that if anyone had a holster for that revolver, then El Paso Saddlery might have one.

So, I gave them a call and a fellow answered and I asked if he could make me a holster for a Pocket Positive.  I could hear the gears clicking in his head, and he told me to hang on.  So, I sat on hold while he asked one of the old-timers.  He came back on the phone in just a minute.  "Yes sir, we can build you a holster for that revolver.  Which holster do you want?"

I told him that I wanted the Model #77, Tortilla holster and he told me that it would be no problem.  This holster is a classic pancake holster and I've always liked pancake holster.  If Milady decides to visit the lease, or if we're tromping the woods during snake season, she can carry her pistol and I won't have to worry that it might be insecure.  Pancake holsters are very secure, especially those with thumb snaps.

Their FAQ page tells me that the holster should ship in 4-8 weeks.  They're a custom shop and we have to expect to wait for good custom work.  That's no problem.    I can strike "Find Holster" off my list, and I'm sure that Milady will be very happy with it.  When it comes in, we'll review it.


USCitizen said...

El Paso has quite a selection. I'm glad to hear they helped you out.

Old NFO said...

I'll be curious if you actually get it in the specified time...

Anonymous said...

I visited their booth in Houston and am impressed with the quality of the work displayed. The wife spent most of her time looking for a concealed
carry rig for a petite lady that does not make her look fat.LOL.