Friday, April 26, 2013

Who Cares?

The headline at The Daily Beast:
Will Tamerlan Tsarnaev Get a Muslim Burial?
And my first reaction, Who Cares? I certainly don't, but I thought that Mahomets had to be buried before the sun goes down?  We gave that murderous asshole bin Laden a Mohammedan burial, at sea, but evidently, one mosque has declined to bury the cop-killing, child-killing Tamerlan.
So, it was surprising when NBC reported that one of Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s aunts said the Boston Marathon bombing suspect had been denied a traditional burial by a local mosque. One of Tamerlan’s uncles requested the rite for his nephew, only to be refused, she said.
Personally, I think they should trot his body down to the local wastewater treatment plant and stuff it in a drum so that all of Boston that's so inclined can come out and piss on him.  Then, after Boston tires of that, run him through the Muffin Monster and be done with him.  The less said the better. His mortal remains just go away, to be forgotten, except as an example of evil.

Truly?  Who cares?  Tell the family to come get him, and if they don't, bury him in Potter's Field in an unmarked grave.

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BobF said...

Thanks for the intro to the Muffin Monster. Think I'd like to hook one up to my outbound and flush stuff frequently just so I could hear the thing run!