Friday, April 26, 2013

Tamerlan's Brother

So, I'm sitting here thinking about whether Boston should give Tamerlan a Mahomet burial, or just run him through the Muffin Monster, then I start thinking about Tamerlan's brother.  You know, Dschuz or whatever they call him.  Yeah, the one that bled all over that guy's boat before the police ruined the boat?  Yeah, that guy.  You know that the reason that Tamerlan is dead is because Dschuz ran over him?  Yeah, inconvenient but true.  Younger brother kills older brother by running him over.  Sucks to be Tamerlan.

Still, the younger brother dumped the stolen ride, and hid on this poor fellows boat, and the police are searching everywhere, going house-to-house, violating civil rights by the bushel-basket.  Until the good citizen finds him in the boat, calls the police, and the cops come over and shoot holes in the boat.  Yeah, the police covered themselves with glory that day.  As did the citizens of Boston, who cowered in place while a teenager terrorized their town.  That's another story.

What I'm wondering; doesn't anyone in Massachusetts have a bloodhound?  When Dschuz (or whatever his name is) left the stolen vehicle, bleeding, and started running, a decent bloodhound would have sorted that trail out in about 15 minutes.  Unless you can't use dogs on Mohammedans for some damned reason.

The Boston PD needs to invest in a couple of good bloodhounds. 


Matt said...

Yeah.... kinda hard to practice martial law on the sheeple, if he's found too quickly by the dogs.

Old NFO said...

I doubt that even entered their minds... It's a 'Southern' thing...

zdogk9 said...

Hell, my Labrador would have found him in ten and the drooled all over him.

BobF said...

I'm thinking with that trail a trained squirrel could have found him, and decently trained/disciplined Law Enforcement could have done the job with a hell of a lot less property damage and population hysteria.

Massachusetts has come a long way since 1775, unfortunately in the precisely wrong direction -- from the seeds of revolution AGAINST big government control to BEING big government control.

Lived there for 6 years after military retirement and it was 6 years too long.