Wednesday, April 03, 2013


I was at the auto store yesterday, getting them to turn off that Check Engine light on the Mercury, (yes, I cleared the trouble), and I thought about Rain-X.  I had never used it, but my brother-in-law swears by it, so I picked up a bottle of their Original Glass Treatment.  When I got home, I followed the label directions and applied it to the Mercury, the F150, and the Explorer.  Great timing, because by daylight we were having a good, old-fashioned downpour.

That stuff is da' bomb!  The water flew off the windshield, it was a lot easier to see the road and the other cars in the pre-dawn darkness, and watching the little water droplets run up the windshield was just about as cool as it gets.  This stuff has been on the market for years, and if you haven't tried it, you owe it to yourself to give it a go.  Follow label directions of course.  Rain-X has the PawPaw seal of approval.


MSgt B said...

I put the Rain-X washer fluid in the reservoir and use Rain-X wipers on my work truck.

It's awesome.

Gerry N. said...

Hey Paw Paw, I've been using Rain-X since 1968.

Gerry N.

Rivrdog said...

Once used, you have to keep using it. Don't ever put it on the inside of the windshield as an anti-fog, though, it doesn't work, will leave an annoying haze that Windex won't remove.

Old NFO said...

Yep, works like a champ! +1 on MSgt's comment too!

Phil K said...

I have been using it for years and have found that the label directions are the least effective way to apply the stuff.

I squirt a generous amount directly to the glass (or onto my hand if it is vertical glass) and then I rub it in with my hands until it is fairly tacky. Then I let it dry and buff it with a clean cotton cloth. Then I buff it again after about an hour. Lasts much longer that way.

mostly cajun said...

+1 on the washer fluid. I find that 40 MPH airspeed over the windshield is the breakover point where the little drops start traipsing up and over the windshield on my company Taurus.


BobF said...

Love the stuff -- been using it for years. Break speed on my Santa Fe is about 35 mph.

One caution, though. If you park outside, don't put it on your mirrors. Morning dew will collect on them and you'll have to swipe it off. Easy on the driver's side, but you need a really long arm for the other side. Same for the rear window unless it has a wiper.

They have a fairly new product in a black bottle for "interior anti-fog." Tried it in the bathroom for the shaving mirror with little success. Not exactly what they had in mind anyway.