Saturday, April 06, 2013

Another Mayor Against Your Guns Arrested.

There's this group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, who thinks that we should do all manner of things to disarm the American people.  The problem is that they're a power-drunk lot who often uses guns against their citizens.  Like this fool, who is accused of using a gun to commit a sex-offense.
The mayor of Marcus Hook was charged [March 21] with holding an acquaintance hostage during a drunken encounter at his home last month that allegedly ended with the mayor’s firing a gun into the floor.During the encounter, Mayor James D. Schiliro repeatedly offered to perform a sex act with the 20-year-old male, according to police. . 
Yeah, he wants your guns, but he's willing to use a gun to get sex.  He sounds like a sterling individual, doesn't he?  As it turns out, the Mayors Against Illegal Guns has quite a history of law-breaking, to the point where one wag has done the math and found that a Mayor Against Illegal Guns is 45 times more likely to commit a gun offense than your standard Florida license holder.

Any time a politician wants to restrict your rights, find out why.  It's generally not for the high-sounding reasons they'll give you.  It's generally much more basic than that; they intend to restrict your rights because it gives them greater power over your life.  Free people have rights, subjects don't.  Remember that when someone wants to restrict your rights in any manner.

Let Freedom Ring!

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