Sunday, August 26, 2012

Where's Bobby?

The track on Issac continues to shift west, confounding the weather weenies.  One that I trust is Brendan Loy, over at Pajamas Media.  He's a weather nerd and although he admits that the models don't agree, but that there's broad consensus that the storm is unpredicable.  Now, there are warnings from Morgan City, LA  east to the Florida panhandle.  The storm track will clear up as time moves along, but now New Orleans is in the cone.  This graphic from WeatherUnderground tells us lots about the updated information.

  One of these days a major hurricane is going to come ashore, swamp New Orleans, continue up the Mississippi to Morganza and inundate the control structure at Three Rivers.  When that happens, the city of New Orleans is screwed.  The Mississippi will turn down the Atchafalaya, taking the shorter more direct route to the Gulf.  Fresh water will cease to flow in the lower stretch of the Mississippi and salt will encroach on the marshes.  New Orleans will become a shallow salt lake, a part of Ponchartrain.  The building structures that remain will provide shelter for snakes, gators, and will provide fine fishing for visiting sportsmen.

One of these days, not necessarily this week, but one of these days.  However, if you live in New Orleans this day, it might be time to check your bug-out bag, make sure the car is full of gas, and double-check your plans with family and in-laws.


Old NFO said...

Good points all, and when that DOES happen, at least the delta will get enough silt to start 'rebuilding' itself...

Anonymous said...

I wonder if that too will be Georgr Bush's fault also.

Gerry N. said...

Why in the name of (Deity of choice here)_______________ would any sane person live in a place like NOLA?

Gerry N.

Termite said...

I talked with Bridges Sun night. He's going on state orders(LA-ARNG) at 0700 Monday morning, along with a whole bunch of other LA-ARNG members.

Jindal isn't sitting around with his thumb up his butt, waiting for somebody to tell him what to do, like Blanco did in 2005.