Thursday, August 09, 2012


My wife's mother hails from Tuscaloosa, AL and the second weekend of August is the annual reunion.  So, tomorrow morning, Milady, MIL, Sis-in-law and I are heading for Tuscaloosa to meet with a bunch of other folks for a weekend of neck-hugging, story telling, lying, eating, and laughing.  It's gonna be a hoot.

Tuscaloosa is only six hours away, so as a road-trip, it ain't bad.  Some of us in the immediate family are meeting in Meridan MS for lunch, then we'll jaunt over to Alabama.

The Dawg is going to spend the weekend at my mother's house, where he'll be pampered.  He likes visiting there and I'm sure he'll have a good time in the country.

I've got to dig out my LSU shirt to wear to the reunion.  Yeah, Alabama might the national champs this year, but they're not the SEC champs.  LSU is the reigning SEC champ this year.  I'll have to remind the Alabama fans every chance I get. 


Old NFO said...

LOL, you just 'love' stirring it up dontcha... :-)

mostly cajun said...

I always enjoy reading the name "Tuscaloosa". Reminds me of a dental problem on an Italian elephant.