Wednesday, August 08, 2012

System crash

Like many of you, my home network has a wireless router that beams signal to computers and devices.  My signal strength had been getting smaller and weaker, so yesterday I went out and bought a new router.  A big, strong, dual band router from Netgear.    Came home and started the installation.  After a frustrating hour, I decided that my modem had taken a dump also, so I went back to the box store and bought another box.  Came back home, called my ISP, and got the modem installed.  So, now I'm running a nice, new strong wireless system that is completely password protected.

However, suddenly, my laptop computer won't talk to my network printer.  That's not normally a problem, but I'm having trouble downloading and installing a driver.  Something changed and my Toshiba laptop doesn't want to work with my HP printer.  It's aggravating, but I can work around it.  I probably have a box un-checked in some setup routine, and I'll figger it out.  Still, it bugs me when things that are supposed to work together don't.

I can hear all you Mac guys howling.  Fuggetaboudit.  I'm not a Mac user. 

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Old NFO said...

Um... maybe check to see if there is now a security requirement to get to the printer... Sometimes you need to add a WPA2 password to allow the printer to accept commands.