Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wasserman Schultz

With the political climate heating up, with the addition of Congressman Ryan to the ticket, it's interesting to watch the Democratic talking-points machine as it gears up.  And in this case, I'm not convinced that it's not an actual machine, a lifelike, programmable robot that regurgitates talking points.  I give you Debbie Wasserman Shultz, the chair of the Democratic National Committee.

She seems so lifelike, yet devoid of reason.  Simply a robot on a playback loop.  It's amazing to watch, you'd actually think that there is a living, breathing, sentience at work.  Until you actually listen to what she's saying.  Then it becomes clear, there's no brain, simply a playback machine.

If she is the face of the Democratic Party, they're in worse shape than I imagined.

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Jester said...

They are in rough shape but so many of those that support them to not question or think. That is the biggest problem. Those that think versus those that absorb what they see/hear/think with out researching it, the drones. This goes for both sides.