Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Pool Project

We had the pool guy out today for a walk-around and to get ideas based on the layout of the backyard.

He said that he wants to bring his installer out next week to shoot some grades and nail down the space he has to work with, and whether or not he'll need to bring in fill dirt. As it turns out, we're going to need a retaining wall on the side close to the house, but he says he often installs pools with retaining walls and he has some good ideas that look good.

Milady is pleased with the contractor and when he works up the price we'll know how bad the damage will be.

Note to Patty: We've settled on this model.


Anonymous said...

Nice design. Too cold up here for a pool. (Oregon)


Anonymous said...

I love it. I can already see myself there. I think the EST should be NOW.


If Brantly Bond is the one installing your pool then you will be very satisfied.