Tuesday, February 13, 2007

December 7, 1941

I don't remember that date, except as a footnote in a history book and from listening to my father and uncles talk. That date, Japanese forces struck Pearl Harbor. The next day, President Roosevelt asked for and received a declaration of war against Japan. Hitler honored his treaties and then declared war on the United States.

It's interesting to study that time period, and most of what I am writing is from memory. The United States, up till that time, had been supplying Britian and the Soviets against Hitler. Convoy after convoy of materiel left the United States destined for the war effort. The US Navy harrassed U Boats that came too close to our coast. Hitler could certainly have taken those convoys of war materiel as provocations to expand the war effort, but he had his hands full in eastern and western Europe.

Now, we learn that Iran is supplying the insurgency. This is certainly a provocation, yet I do not see it yet as a reason to go to war.

Going to war requires two things: An overt act of provocation and a declaration from Congress. That declaration might spring from a number of sources, but is necessary nonetheless.

We have the provocation, yet I don't see that the will of the people to go to war against Iran is yet sufficent to sustain a declaration from Congress. Iran has been provoking us since Carter was president and we are engaged at this time in both Iraq and Afganistan.

I also don't see how our President can attempt to get Congress to grant permission to use force. The political will simply isn't present and having permission to use force isn't the same as a formal Declaration of War.

Our enemies will misjudge our intent at some point in the future. If this is a global conflict then at some point one of our enemies will cause such a provocation that America will awaken and be filled with a terrible resolve.

I hope it never happens, but I feel it is imminent.

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