Saturday, February 17, 2007

Louisiana Roll Call

I see that two honorable members of the Louisiana delegation to the US House voted for the resolution opposing victory in Iraq.

Charlie Melancon, from Louisiana's 3rd district and William "Dollar Bill" Jefferson of the 2nd District voted to disapprove of the surge.

Worthless bastards, both of them.

Charles Boustany, of the 7th District, didn't vote at all.

The rest of our delegation voted to support the troops and fight for victory.

Next up, let's see what the Senate is going to do.


Unknown said...

A vote against the surge is a vote for the troops; a vote for the surge is vote against the troops. If you are for the troops, you want to bring them back to Louisiana now. If you are against the troops, you want them to continue to be killed and maimed in Shrub's war.

Pawpaw said...

Russell. That's the most asinine comment I've ever had.

The troops I'm talking to want to win this thing, then come home.

And I don't know who Shrub is.

Anonymous said...

Pawpaw, there will never be a victory in Iraq. The war was lost from day one due to incredible mismanagement and incompetence from our civilian leadership. Not one more American soldier should die or be maimed in this fiasco. Bring our troops home tomorrow. Let the Iraqis kill each other if they wish. The civil war they want is their business, not ours.

Unknown said...

Just a little FYI incase you hadn't heard, Pawpaw, Boustany was in Acadiana attending the funeral of a family member. He did give, from what I understand, a pretty good speech on the floor of the House arguing against the no-confidence bill.

In regards to russell, when someone uses the word "Shrub" to refer to George Bush, that person is usually a loon.