Monday, October 02, 2006


A few months ago, the crew that Milady works with chartered a fishing boat to take a party out into the Gulf. They asked if I would like to go.

Well, yeah!

I've never been offshore. The biggest boat I have ever been aboard is the ferry that runs between Hatteras and Okrakoke. And the stern-wheeler that is tied to the dock in Vicksburg. And I have never been out in blue water. This ought to be quite an experience.

So, I did some online looking and found the link to our charter. It looks like a first class operation. We meet the boat at the dock, 0600 October 7th.

I'm looking forward to this trip. It ought to be a lot of fun.


Anonymous said...

I have had it in my mind to go tuna fishing out of Venice in La, this charter you are going on looks like a good one and I hope you have a great time and catch lots of fish.

Anonymous said...

Start taking your Dramamine the day before you board the boat and then one more in the morning when you board. I spent some time on large ships and landing craft when I was in the Marines and it was the smaller boats that gave most of the guys a problem but with the Dramamine you shouldn’t have any problems. Have a good time hauling them in.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget, you'll get more sunburned on the water too (reflected sunlight/UV as well as direct). Take your Dramamine early, and put your sunscreen on early too (including the underside of your nose), LONG before you get close to the water so it has a chance to soak into your skin.

Enjoy yourself and we'll be looking forward to the pictures!