Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Power Distribution

I went to Lowe's today to look at power distribution centers for the project pool house. We're going to need lights, outlets, a refrigerator, a small air conditioner, and eventually the swimming pool pump hooked to that breaker box. I wanted enough capacity for six circuits, but didn't want to buy a box that would carry an entire household.

The electricity feeding the pool house is US standard 220v AC, through a 60 amp breaker. The little boxes I saw at Lowe's didn't impress me, until I looked at something GE manufactures that is called a "Room Addition Panel". It is rated at 125 amps, which is over double what I need, but it comes in a box with four breakers, has room for twelve breakers, and listed for just $39.95. With tax, out the door, for just a little over $43.00. That's a heck of a deal for a breaker box.

I've looked everywhere, but can't find a link to the darn thing. GE makes a bunch of stuff, in a bunch of countries, and my Google skills aren't up to par lately.

I haven't worked on that project house for about three weeks, and it's time to get cracking on it again. Hopefully, I won't earn the nickname Sparky.


Anonymous said...

Link to GE Residential Products Catalog.

Anonymous said...

The nickname "shorty" wouldn't be too cool, either.