Thursday, October 19, 2006


Did y'all read about this?

This guy, Bowen, takes a swan dive off of the Royal Omni Hotel in New Orleans. That's pretty rude, as most folks are trying to party in the French Quarters. He landed on the roof of the parking garage, but you can bet he harshed the mellow of a bunch of folks, not the least of which were the first responders that had to scrape him off the building.

That's rude. Just rude. If you've never been a police officer, or a paramedic, trust me on this one. Finding a fresh body puts a damper on the party. It really chills the warm glow. But Bowen isn't content to let that be the end of it. Oh, no. They find a note in his pocket, which explains his angst. It seems he has cut up his girlfriend and cooked her head in a pot.

That is truly rude. Socially unacceptable.

I was talking to Milady this afternoon over coffee, and we discussed this little event. Milady holds that cutting off your lovers head and cooking it in a pot is probably an indication that the relationship is in trouble. I'll say!

The one upside to this story is that with rents at an all-time high in New Orleans, this is one French Quarter apartment that will probably go cheap. If you can live with cooking smells. Somebody is in for a heck of a bargain.

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oyster said...

Heh. Gruesome stuff indeed. It certainly got people talking about it here, too, of course.

I liked your wry take on it.