Thursday, October 26, 2006

FIeld and Stream

I grew up reading Field and Stream magazine. I used to stalk the library shelves in school, waiting for the newest edition. When I could afford a copy off the shelf at the local store, I hoarded it under my pillow till bedtime. Field and Stream was a trusted companion through much of my youth.

I didn't know that they were online, although I should have suspected it. Yet when I looked down their header bar, I saw a little link called Blogs. Blogs?

Sure enough, Dave Petzal is blogging under the banner Gun Nut. I don't always agree with Dave, but I always read him. He's been an outdoor writer long enough that he's found his style and has some authority when talking about hunting rifles.

They also have a newsy blog format called Field Notes. Interesting stuff, pretty ladies, good stories, all done in the quality and caliber we expect from Field and Stream. Well done, folks.

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