Sunday, October 22, 2006

All these things

Milady and I were out last night, and went by a favorite honky-tonk to check on the management of the place. The band, a collection of guitar, drums and keyboard did one number that Aaron Neville recorded a few years ago. All These Things. The refrain goes:
Your love's so warm and tender
Your thrill is so divine.
Yet it's all these things
That make you mine.

The singer attributed that song to Aaron Neville, and while it is true that Neville recorded it, All These Things is a staple of southern redneck dance hall music. It was written by Joe Stampley when he was lead singer for a band called the Uniques. It was first recorded in 1966.

In 2001, Joe was performing a concert at a festival in Jena, LA when he played this song. He remarked to the crowd that if they were born in 1967 this song may have played a large part in their being here.

I remember dancing to this song at the Homecoming Dance at Bolton High School in 1970. Joe was performing that night at Curl's Club in Mansura and I'd bet even money that he played it there too.

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