Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday evening

I went to the Bolton-Buckeye game last night. It seems that Buckeye has some games on Thursday night, because they know that tomorrow is the opener of the squirrel season, and most of the natives are in the woods tonight at squirrel camp. The Buckeye Deville area is awash in the kind of natives that would go to a squirrel camp, and I'm sorry that I'm not there.

Bolton won, by the way, 38-7. It was a good game, and Bolton deserves a break.

Milady and I went out this afternoon, looking around and came back with an auto GPS for the car. A Magellan 3000T. It's a spiffy little unit, and fun to watch while you're driving. We'll give it a workout on the trip this weekend. I also should remember to take my little handheld GPS. When we are far from land, I want to be able to tell the skipper where to point the narrow end of the boat.

I wish I had something pithy and insightful to say about the Foley scandal, but nothing immediately comes to mind. He might become best known for being the guy that lost the Congress to the Democrats. The rest of the Republicans have been less than inspiring. How is it that they forgor that the Republican party is against buggery and child molestation.

In my mind, rather than launching an investigation, every Congressman who knew anything should have immediately called the FBI, or the Capitol Police, or someone authorized to conduct a criminal investigation, given full statements, and let the chips fall where they may.

Then I notice that there is some question whether the Congressional page in question was a minor at the time. If he wasn't a minor, and the contact was consentual, then the problem of criminality becomes one of appropriateness. There are lots of things that people do that are truly inappropriate, but are not criminal.

Unless something pops up in tomorrow's paper, I'll see y'all on Monday.

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