Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Diaper Dave Running for Governor

I see that our disgraced Senator, Diaper Dave Vitter has decided to run for governor.
Sen. David Vitter’s announcement Tuesday that he will run for governor of Louisiana in 2015 marks the latest chapter in a remarkable comeback story for a politician who was once embroiled in a high-profile prostitution scandal.
In the rest of the country it might be a remarkable comeback story, but here in Louisiana, no one of any weight wanted to run against him, and here in Louisiana, sexual scandals don't get the air time that they might in other parts of the country.

Dave's problem is that he'll probably have two heavy-hitters running against him in the primary (which, in Louiisiana isn't really a primary at all).  I'm told that our current Lt Governor, Jay Dardenne is running, and it wouldn't surprise me if state Treasurer  John Kennedy threw his hat in the ring.  Both Dardenne and Kennedy are smart men, strong politicians with good name recognition.

The Democrats will probably field a few candidates as well.  I hear that state rep John Bel Edwards is running, but Mitch Landrieu is also a strong contender from the New Orleans side of the house.  Mitch, or course, is the brother of our other US Senator, Katrina Mary Landrieu.  We hope to send her packing next year.

Louisiana elects a governor in the autumn of 2015, and our current governor Bobby Jindal is term-limited.  This should be an interesting electoral season in Louisiana.

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