Saturday, January 04, 2014

Arctic Chill

The big news nationwide is the arctic chill that's settled on the nation.  My brother in Vermont is facebooking about sub-zero temps with windchill in the -25 range, and my ex sister-in-law in Minnesota is complaining about a predicted ice storm with sub-zero temperatures.  It's damned cold in the frozen north.  I feel for those people, and I'm glad that I have a warm house in sub-tropic Louisiana.  Then Milady cautions me about our near-range forecast, and I click on AccuWeather to find this joyful forecast.

Oh, joy, we're expecting lows in the teens next week.  With possible showers one of those days.  Now, I admit that AccuWeather can't seem to read a clock, and I'm never sure what day they're talking about when the low temp is published.  But, I see Sunday, low 22, Monday, low 17, Tuesday, low 24.  If we get rain anywhere there, the bridges will freeze over and all traffic will come to a screeching halt.  Louisiana doesn't react well to icing simply because we only have to deal with it once every decade.  We haven't had any wintry precipitation since before I put the pool in, in 2007.  It's been seven years or longer since we've dealt with icy conditions.

To my loved ones in the Frozen North, I pray for your sanity.  I'm glad I wnterized the pool last week.  It looks like the next few days are going to be quite a ride.

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